Cut-Cost Quilting: How to Save $100s on Your Quilting Projects: Quilting Guide to Save Money


Quilting can be a very expensive hobby: this book will change that!

Traditionally, quilters did not have all the modern gadgets and gizmos that our modern quilting stores sell; they also did not have long-arm quilting machines. Yet, the quilts created were amazingly beautiful.

Quilting can also be very practical as you end up with blankets as well a whole range of other household items and potential gifts. And if you use the tips mentioned in this book, it’s one of the cheapest hobbies you can get into.

You don’t have to invest in a multitude of quilting tools, patterns and expensive fabrics. It only takes a handful of inexpensive tools to start quilting, and as you will find out while reading this book, you can get started with a very minimal investment.

If you are already a quilter – you are in luck! This book will teach you how to use what you already have, and to greatly decrease ongoing costs associated with quilting.

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