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I’m not really a quilter. I do rather enjoy quilting; the beautiful geometric designs, collecting colourful textiles, measuring and cutting fabrics, and the therapeutic act of sewing it all together into a unique work of art. But ultimately, I enjoy travel more; and my need to explore Earth makes quilting difficult.

Before a recent trip to Indonesia, my mother asked me to get her some batik quilting fabric. This was certainly a task that I was up to. Shopping in the textile markets of India, had completely prepared me for Indonesia. I love to explore cities to get off the tourist track and find unique hidden gems: and a textile market is the best gem a fabric collector can find! I enjoy the old-world charm of talking to textile merchants in exotic markets, as most vendors also personally manufacture their goods. Also, getting to know the merchants, helps me build a relationship with local communities.

When I returned home to Queensland, I gave my mother the fabric. She loved it! So did everyone she showed. That is why I have created Fabrics From Earth: because you asked for high quality unique quilting fabrics.

Now, I aim to collect high quality, unique quilting fabrics from exotic places all over Earth and share them with the world!

If you have any queries about our products, please get in touch by email: humans@fabricsfromearth.com


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